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Bao-med product range

The Bao-Med range consists of four unique products. Bao-Med products have been developed based on the exceptional care properties of the fruit from the South African baobab tree. Cold pressing the seeds of the baobab fruit releases an oil which is used in the Bao-Med Pure Oil, Soap and Bodywash. In addition to these seeds, the fruit contains a dry, white powder that is rich in various vitamins and minerals. This baobab powder is used in our food supplements.

Each product has it’s own unique benefits for healthy skin, scalp, hair and nails. The products are developed for all skin types, but especially for people with dry and/or sensitive skin.


The Baobab Tree

African baobab trees, scientifically known as Adansonia Digitata, are the oldest living organisms in Africa. These trees manage to live longer than any plant and animal around them, the trees can live to be more than 1000 years old. Baobab trees contain enormous amounts of water. This water is stored in the cells of their trunk, which gives the trees their characteristic swollen shape. This helps them survive in the driest regions of Africa.

Baobab trees originated millions of years ago in West Africa and spread over time to other parts of the world, creating new species. There are 9 baobab species, of which 6 have originated in Madagascar, one in Australia and two in Africa. The fruit from the baobab tree that is used for our Bao-Med products comes from South Africa.

Fruit & Seeds

The baobab fruit has a hard exterior and is covered with short velvety hair. The shape can vary from elongated to round. Large fruits can weigh more than 2 kg and contain more than 400 seeds; smaller ones can be the size of an apple with just a few seeds. The seeds are dark brown/black and kidney shaped. They are approximately one centimer long and have a soft interior. Oil can be extracted from the seeds and used on the skin or hair.

Inside the fruit there is a dry, white powder in which the seeds are kept in a loose network of red fibers. The powder is rich in various vitamins and can be used in smoothies or supplements. The fruit needs 4-5 months to mature and when the fruit is ripe it falls to the ground.

baobab fruit
baobab seeds
baobab powder

Sustainably harvested

Harvesting baobab fruit for our Bao-Med products is a sustainable process. We only collect the fruit that has fallen from the tree onto the ground, leaving the tree intact. In this way we ensure a sustainable harvest and the tree can produce fruit for hundreds of years.

The baobab fruit comes directly from the communities that live in the poorest and most underdeveloped parts of South Africa and Venda. Through direct cooperation we make an economic contribution to the local population.

sustainably harvested