Bao-Med product range

The Bao-Med range is developed to offer the exceptional care properties of the fruit from Africa’s baobab trees to everyday cosmetics and beauty supplements. The products are formulated using different elements of the baobab fruit. Such as pure, cold-extracted oil and pure baobab fruit powder as its key ingredients.

Discover which Bao-Med products are suitable for you. Below you will find an overview of all the products Bao-Med has to offer. Each product has unique benefits for improving and maintaining healthy hair, skin or nails.


pure skin, scalp & hair oil

Bao-Med Pure Skin, Scalp & Hair Oil is a superior moisturizer and contains highly concentrated organic, cold pressed baobab oil.


Anti-Aging Beauty Supplement

Bao-Med Anti-Aging Beauty Supplement is formulated with high-quality ingredients that help to prevent premature skin aging.


Hair, Skin & Nails Beauty supplement

Bao-Med Hair, Skin & Nails beauty supplement is developed to help improve the condition of the hair, skin and nails and stimulates growth.


Pure Oil Bodywash

Bao-Med Pure Oil Bodywash is a moisturizing bodywash developed with pure baobab oil and olive oil, rich in omegas and vitamins.


Pure Soap

Bao-Med Pure Soap is a mild cleansing and moisturizing soap and is developed with baobab oil, rich in omegas and vitamins.

Sustainably harvested

Harvesting baobab fruit for our Bao-Med products is a sustainable process. The harvesters only collect the fruit that has fallen from the tree onto the ground, leaving the tree intact. Bao-Med believes in conservation through education. We work closely with the harvesters of baobab fruit and make sure that we educate them about the sustainability of baobab trees and their products to the local and international markets. In this way Bao-Med ensures a sustainable harvest, allowing baobab trees to produce fruit for hundreds of years. You can read more about our project here.